Mountain River Trucking Goes “Green”

Mountain River Trucking is proud to announce it’s continued yearly re-certification in the Smart Way program.

Mountain River TruckingMountain River Trucking is excited to be a Carrier in the SmartWay Transport Partner program. SmartWay has recognized them for their outstanding environmental performance utilizing some of the most available fuel saving strategies. Mountain River Trucking is proud of their efficiency/environmental performance and are dedicated to protecting our environment. As a Transport Partner, Mountain River Trucking is committed to continually finding ways to improve their eco conscious performance.

Mountain River Trucking – SmartWay Transport Partner

Mountain River Trucking is currently doing their part to reduce fuel emissions including:

  • Reducing idle time for all trucks
  • Engine shutdown
  • Driver teams and tag teams
  • Reducing the maximum speed on all trucks
  • Purchasing more fuel efficient equipment
  • Testing and implementing aerodynamic technologies
  • Expanding our inter modal service dimension
  • Utilizing our technologies
  • Un-tethered trailer tracking? improved utilization of trailers
  • Matching driver with loads more efficiently
  • Reducing out of route and deadhead miles
  • Using paperless logs

Mountain River Trucking Environmental programs in conjunction with their safety programs makes Mountain River Trucking one of the most progressive trucking companies in the eastern united states.